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Spam Spreads Storm Trojan Across Internet

Released: Wednesday, August 22th, 2007

The Storm worm continues to sweep through the Internet, this time via a new series of spam e-mails that use login account confirmation details as bait to get recipients to visit malicious Web sites.

Hackers Set Their Sites on Trend Micro

Released: Thursday, August 23th, 2007

Hackers have set their sights on security vendor Trend Micro's ServerProtect.

Several security researchers have noted a massive increase of activity over TCP port 5168 connected with ServerProtect, an anti-virus software product for servers that had a number of vulnerabilities publicly disclosed earlier the week of Aug. 20. All of the vulnerabilities, which could lead to remote code execution, have been patched and the security fixes are available to customers.

Hackers steal government, corporate data

Released: Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Hackers stole information from the Department of Transportation and several U.S. corporations by seducing employees with fake job listings on ads and e-mail, a computer security firm said on Monday.

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